What is the meaning of life?
The meaning of life is to give life meaning
okay um…

I’m still that same dude hit that you used to ignore
The same dude that got his deal stepping knocking at that door
The same dude chilling and railing its so revealing that I built to fucking on me
Hear the round of applause

Cause the way, it feels
Its got me thinking that lately I’ve gotta listen to vision and pay attention
But the pain is real
And with precision comes living with no assistant and making the right decision
I know
So if you’ve made it well then hey did I love it
But don’t complain that your life is in the eye of the public
Now my dreams have bristened up than you beginnings and limits
So if you said that its impossible you gotta be kidding

Cause you may think that it hasn’t begun
It’s not about what I am but what the fuck I’ll become
Don’t eliminate possibilities
Honestly you’ll be silly
Cause impossible just means that it hasn’t been done, yet


I’m at the point of no return
But I just feel this generation lives but never learn
That to get it, you must bet it with your life
There are no credits, or refunds or re-edits
Till I say that feel the burn

Hi I resign
Ride for my pride till I die
Stand as a men for my fans
If you hate it make like trees than just leave

That’s why I don’t believe in
Just no respect is earned and I for free won’t receivin
This other rappers on our way did they never ever switch on
So where the hell is Tammy Ederson when you need him

Would this rip the flow
If you think its despicable
Then suck upon my dick
Cause my lebrix will flip in syllabus

I bottle this emotion
I swear its so hysterical
Then pour it out the glass then proceed to let this feelings go

It’s the part where I’m meant to act mallow
My ex girl never quits she finds it all to let go
I guess she heard the news that I’m running tracks Metro
Cause be my gotta buzzing without letting out the head grow

And me and that white boy Chevy Levvet
Be that two man drink team lyrical threat
I hear him talking chit chat
But all that shit to matter
I can hear a bit of business deal we’re making up the ladder

But now those party full my fans
You pick me up everytime I fall to expand
I hope you know indebt to you I’m doing all I can
Cause we in this thing together
Put the blueprint on the plan

Fuck it
So whatever is the costage
Ya we stay flyin but still grounded like an ostrich
Fuck all of the critics cause opinions on facts
So get your middle fingers put them up like that

Put them up like that
Put them up, put them up
Put them up like that

Put them up like that
Put them up, put them up
Put them up like that

Wave them up in the sky, put them up like that
If you don’t give a fuck put them up like that
Put them up like that

Put them up like that

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